Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Tuesday afternoon, January 28, I left home at 3:17 PM for my "reverse circuit" as I call it, an afternoon bike ride.
I crashed just east of Meeker Middle School on SE 192nd St.  The crank arm snapped just as I was pedaling out of the saddle to get up a small hill.
A passing motorist saw me fall and stopped to help  I asked him to take me home because I could tell my shoulder wasn't right and my bike wasn't rideable.   The guy's name was Steve Wall, or Hall, I think.  I was hurtin' and surely appreciated his help.  I spent about the next three and a half hours getting through Kent Multicare Urgent Care Clinic.  Their diagnosis:  Separated shoulder and possible fracture of humerus.
I got some x-rays, pictures of my shoulder (x-rays) to take to the orthopedic doctor.  The pictures are on a CD, but I seem to be unable to share them. Wednesday I went to Proliance Valley Orthopedics, saw Dr. Sue Cero.  She gave me the diagnosis:  few weeks at least.  Class 2 shoulder separation, no fracture.  Not much to do but let it heal itself.  I feel better already knowing it is going to get better by itself.
Pictures of broken crank:
Left crank arm snapped. Click to see full-sized picture.


 Broken Off Crank Arm with Pedal
The crank is a Dura-Ace FC-7800, 180mm.  I put it on the bike after about a year and a half, so it's at least six or seven years old.  

MapMyRide map of my route.

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